Bratislava, Slovak Republic, June 1-3, 2016

Interactive Demonstrations

Interactive Demonstrations

Interactive Demonstrations session reflects that most of the topics of the Symposium are related with applications, resources and materials that can be online available  for control education. In this session, the authors will be able to present live demonstrations of their Online Experimentation as remote and virtual experiments using, for instance, emergent technologies based in virtual and augmented reality and interaction with sensorial/haptic devices.

Contributions to the Interactive Demonstration Session

Contributions to the Interactive Demonstration Session are strongly encouraged for anyone. Authors should submit a paper (minimum 4 pages) as "Invited Paper" according to Information for Authors, where it will be also clearly described the online experimentation component to be provided to the public during the DEMO. The code for the submission is "nq718". For more information contact the session organisers Maria Teresa Restivo, University of Porto (PT), or Alberto Jorge Lebre Cardoso, University of Coimbra (PT).

During the Interactive Demonstration Session

Authors will have access to the internet and should interactively demonstrate their DEMO to the participants, during the session. One table and one chair will be supplied. Each author should use his/her computer or mobile device. On each demo table the author can offer a very short info about the involved work on a small A5 leaflet or in a digital support.
The BEST DEMO will be selected considering evaluation criteria:
- suitability of topic to online experimentation in control education;
- quality of the interactive demonstration;
- English version for the online content;
- technical correctness and completeness of solutions;
- online availability and possibility of reuse.